Full Name
Trudie Wang
Job Title
VP of Innovation
Heila Technologies
Speaker Bio
Trudie Wang, Ph.D., VP of Innovation (Heila Technologies) - Trudie is a mission driven engineer by training with almost two decades of experience in developing algorithms around optimization and control methodologies for distributed energy resources (DERs). Upon completion of her doctorate at Stanford on the forefront of these technologies, she went on to help build out innovative products with Growing Energy Labs, SolarCity, SunPower and the Electric Power Research Institute. Across these experiences she gained additional domain expertise in product management and architecture, software development and energy markets. Her experience now translates and connects the domains of algorithm creation, product development and market design, helping reimagine a distributed energy system that is built up of microgrids and virtual power plants (VPPs) which empower edge resources to play more proactive roles at the distribution level of our networks.
Trudie Wang