Honoring Microgrids that are making a difference

Electricity is more than a science lesson or a tool of comfort; this flow of electrons serve as a hand up to a better world for many, putting into action a “greater good” that ultimately benefits all. Each year, Microgrid Knowledge celebrates outstanding microgrids that meet vital societal needs and demonstrate the transformative power of microgrids in improving lives. We are seeking inspiring stories about microgrids that have made a significant impact on their communities.

Nominations are open to operational projects worldwide, and we encourage you to include supporting articles, case studies, or videos. The awards will be presented at the Microgrid Knowledge Conference 2025 in Dallas, TX, on April 17.

Microgrid Knowledge will present winners in four categories:

  • Highest Recognition
  • Grid-Connected Microgrid
  • Remote Microgrid
  • Dallas Microgrid (Host State)


Bette Carol Thompson Scotland Neighborhood Recreation Center, Montgomery County, Maryland

Local Project (Baltimore)

The Community Center at A.B. Ford Park, Detroit
Grid-Connected Microgrid  

The Guatemalan Digital Community Centers Microgrids 
Microgrid Project of Highest Recognition 

Winners offer one or more of these microgrid benefits:

  • Improve the quality of life for those in or near the service territory
  • Preserve the natural environment
  • Lower energy costs
  • Provide access to electricity during power outages and in remote or undeveloped areas
  • Provide education and instruction about the value of local energy and microgrids to community members, engineering students, and other key stakeholders
  • Ensure the safety of seniors or other vulnerable populations
  • Improve the ability to secure basic necessities (e.g., food, water, communications, transportation, medicines)
  • Enhance and promote peace in disadvantaged communities
  • Improve air quality and help attain carbon reduction
  • Bolster energy reliability

The 2025 Greater Goods Award nomination process will open soon!