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Molly Hoyt
Job Title
Speaker Bio
Molly Hoyt is a Principal Program Manager on PG&E’s Microgrid Strategy Implementation team where she oversees PG&E’s programs to enable the development of community-led microgrids. She has been with PG&E for 15 years, primarily launching and managing programs to provide clean energy and resilience options to communities, including PG&E’s first 100% solar clean energy option, various programs for energy and bill savings, and now two programs to facilitate community-led multi-customer microgrids. For 9 years while at PG&E she also served as CEO of the ClimateSmart Charity. Prior to PG&E, Molly was a partner in a sustainability consulting firm, and prior to that spent 10 years in wireless telecom product development. Molly has an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, and a B.S. in Marketing from San Jose State University. In her free time Molly loves to travel with her spouse, and enjoys plant-based cooking.
Molly Hoyt