Discover cutting-edge energy solutions and connect with energy trailblazers

Microgrid Knowledge, the media and conference hub focused on all things microgrid and mission-critical on-site power, continues its legacy of intently highlighting the innovation springing up throughout the industry. From microgrids to minigrids, from aggregated distributed energy resource (DER) capabilities to virtual power plants, Microgrid Knowledge is on it. Be part of our gathering to connect with the trailblazers driving the transition toward localized energy solutions. Happening April 15-17, 2025, our in-person event awaits, situated where much of the action is pivoting through DERs and microgrids. Here's what you can expect:


Learn from Industry Leaders: Gain insights from pioneers and experts in the microgrid and DER sectors through information-rich case study presentations and panel discussions.


Network with Innovators: Connect with key players, trailblazers, and decision-makers driving the transition toward localized energy solutions.


Discover Cutting-Edge Technologies: Explore the latest advancements and innovations in microgrids, minigrids, and virtual power plants.


Business Growth Opportunities: Identify new business models and opportunities for growth within the rapidly evolving energy landscape.


Hands-On Experience: Engage with real-world projects and case studies that demonstrate successful implementations and best practices in the industry.


This conference will explore the markets, technologies, policies and customer benefits emerging as we decentralize our energy supply and electrify buildings and transportation.

The one-of-a-kind event will serve as a venue for businesses, communities, institutions and government to learn what’s available now – and what lies ahead – to improve their operations with microgrids and distributed energy.


  • Businesses, institutions and communities curious about how microgrids can benefit them
  • Innovators, developers, utilities, technology and engineering firms working in the space — or considering doing so
  • Energy leaders shaping the microgrid industry
  • Policymakers, regulators, researchers and advocates
  • Investors seeking opportunity in a fast-moving energy sector


  • Learn about the energy, financial, and sustainability benefits that microgrids offer your facility — and society as a whole.
  • Gain insight into business models, financing, government incentives and other microgrid funding
  • Find out how to choose technology and development partners for your microgrid project
  • Network and meet privately with prospects and partners on our sophisticated platform